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We pair you up!

Boating the easy way

Navipair is the only community platform app for boaters, skilled repair amateurs and professionals. Simply search for the repair skills you need and share the repair skills you have. You might be right next to each other.

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I have a boat

Find your repair or maintenance service even before you arrive at a marina or let them respond to the task you have posted.

Repair Hero

I repair boats

Make your repair or maintenance service visible to boat owners or search for posted repair tasks on the Navipair marketplace.

Why use Navipair?

1. Keep track of your task

Use Navipair for all your repair and maintenance to-do’s. Both those you plan to fix yourself and those you seek a repair service for.

2. Find it easy

Check if help is nearby or type in a specific destination. We show you those on land and on boats near nearby.

3. Share it

Easily share pictures and description of the task with all those you want and agree on time, place and price. Or post your task on the Navipair marketplace.

4. Buy & Sell

You can put things up for sale for free and search for things you need for your boat. A map shows what is available near you.

We have made it easy for you

Marketplace or quote request?

As a boater you can search for a Repair Hero by location and distance and filter by service categories.

Or you can publish your repair or maintenance task on the Navipair Marketplace, by a simple click.

A Repair Hero can use the same search functions and filters to find posted tasks or receive a quote request from the Boater.

Your personal logbook

Easy to do – easy to share

The Navipair task tool makes it easy to create and keep track of all your to-do’s, those you fix yourself and those you need help for.

Use it for the engine service, the leaking hose or as a reminder to buy drinks for the next sunset on the deck.

It’s your personal task list and pictures, text and service categories makes it easy for the Repair Hero to assess and quote, when you request a quote.

Come join our community

Download the app for free now

Passion for boats

Skilled amateurs and professionals

We are sailors and boaters at heart ourselves, and we know the strong community of boat owners who share our passion for life at sea.

A community with many professionals and skilled amateurs who, as a way of living or as a hobby, have earned a craftmanship around boat repairs and maintenance.

We call them Repair Heroes and Navipair is the easiest way to find these dedicated and skilled people

Creating value for Boaters and Repair Heros

Boat repair and maintenance should not spoil the pleasure of boating. Use Navipair to check if there is a match in services, availability, price and location even before you meet.

Search goes both ways. If you're a boater, find a Repair Hero. If you're a Repair Hero find quote requests (assignments).

The built in task tool enables easy sharing of details including pictures and a chat function for additional details if needed..

Request and Quote tools make quoting, accepting and rejecting easy for both parties

Chat messages, quote and task details are linked together for easy identification and serves as record and documentation.

Come join our community

Download the app for free now

Navipair community

Life at sea is a breeze. We believe that boat repairs should be too. Tasks and repairs on board should not be allowed to interrupt the peace and ease of your sailing or boating adventure any more than absolutely necessary.

However, skilled and affordable assistance can prove hard to locate when you need it, especially if you are navigating unfamiliar waters and marinas. We know by our own experience.

That’s why we created Navipair.

We believe that home is where the waves are, and the anchor drops.

We are sailors and boaters at heart, and we know the strong community of boat owners who share our passion for life at sea. Come aboard and join our community.

Download the Navipair app, and you are well underway to even more enjoyable and carefree adventures.

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